Friday, 25 May 2007


This ad makes regular appearances on the back of the Guardian's Guide. And each time it does I check to see whether Mr Eagle's film Red has been raking it in at the box office. But I've yet to find a trace of it. Or of student Jon Eagle's blossoming career as a writer. Perhaps he's changed his name. He wouldn't be the first author to do so. Yes, that must be it. Otherwise it's not much of a success story for the Writer's Bureau, is it.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Protective punctuation

I find something rather uncomfortable about Cavendish sandwich bar putting the word 'local' in inverted commas. Like they're making a real point out of it, as though they've had issues in the past. Did someone call up for the free delivery, and when asked for the address, said Croydon? We can only imagine the cost to Mr Cavendish for those free deliveries to such distant lands. It makes me question what constitutes 'local'? A short walk? Within 5 miles? Mr Cavendish, I'm guessing, has set down the parameters of local, so they won't get taken for a ride.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Out of context

I myself have been forced to wear a uniform to work - thankfully those times have passed - but this girl's not as fortunate. I'm guessing from 'Can I help you find the perfect present?', she spends her days in Clintons, or some similar establishment of delights. Having this emblazoned on your back in said shop makes sense, but at the bus stop? Tempting as it was to take her off, drag her round all the shops in London til we'd found something perfect for my Dad's birthday this year, I decided that perhaps she'd choose the gift of a smack in the face.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Everything covered?

This publican forgetfully missed out incomprehensible mutterings, spouting shit and vocal vomiting. And I'm sure there's more they overlooked.