Saturday, 20 January 2007

Fancy a cuppa?

Aspreto's product development team must have been working a particularly late night on this one. And thank god they did as I've found it so confusing up until now. Perhaps as their next bold move they'll introduce a new range called "Black Tea to have with milk and sugar". I'd have a cup of tea to celebrate.

Friday, 12 January 2007

This appeared at my bus stop today. At the time I was cowering away from blustering winds and pouring rain. And watching the occasional cyclist struggling to make any headway into the wind that was tunnelling down the road. Now I know global warming is a bit of a problem, but no-one can convince me that it's summer by any stretch of the imagination. Nor were the cyclists I saw, 'better off by bike'. I was definitely the one who was 'better off'. Who decided it was a wise move to run this poster in January? Did they not wonder, for a moment to themselves, that maybe, just maybe, this wasn't quite the best idea they'd have this year?