Wednesday, 20 December 2006

11-pin bowling

Please excuse the blurry photo - my camera's not the best for close ups.You're looking at the wonders of a poster on a Village Community noticeboard. There's to be a bowling competition - with an illustration of said sport helpfully illustrated next to the headline. What's unusual about this version of bowling is that it appears that it involves having your cock hanging out. In full swing, so to speak. On closer examination, however, I believe the artist meant to convey the detail of the bowler's flies. Well, I did see this in Wales.

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Cut-Price Kitchen

Your complete kitchen, available on the side of a road in North London. Includes washing machine and all-in-one Fisher-Price oven. I wonder, did the person who dumped these two kitchen appliances combine then deliberately? Or was this sheer coincidence, the washing machine swallowing its last sock, the kids getting too old for pretend baking - at exactly the same time. Or perhaps someone else added one to the other at a later date. Whichever, thank you, it was inspired.