Monday, 26 March 2007

And certainly not at any other time.

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Just about managed to snap this as I was being flung about on the tube. The author had scribed the words BURN THE HOUSES above Westminster station, in nice, big, fat marker pen. After standing back and viewing their work, obviously the decision was made that this was too serious. Far too full on political activist. So, they scribbled out Temple and added on a lighter note - TAMPON. Then stepped back and looked again. Now, it says political activist with a puerile sense of humour. And they left it at that.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Milk? Ewrgh!

Aspreto's product development team must have spent an even later night on this design classic. And the result is one that would look more at home in a science lab than on a tea tray. It's USP - a curved bottom that means if you put it down it falls over and milk dribbles out everywhere. So, when delivered to our meeting rooms, it comes balanced inside one of the cups. Genius. And then there's the feeling you get when you look at it. It's like some sort of hideously deformed, bulbous udder.

What was so wrong with the good old fashioned jug? Bring it back. Please.

Sweeping statement

I never knew people could be so keen on a format. Stuck on the box of a film I purchased at the weekend.

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Nearly free speech

This comments box was in Barclays today. Happily enough I don't bank with them, but from what I've heard, the comments are highly unlikely to be polite. This lone comment could be open to interpretation. There's a chance that some partially sighted old biddy mistook this for a charity box. But surely she would have donated more than a mere tuppence. No, I believe someone very deliberately left this comment. That enduring several years of banking with Barlcays lead to the cynical, and undoubtably correct, belief that this was how much a comment would be worth.