Tuesday, 28 November 2006

There is another way

As I was impatiently waiting for the bank to open, I spotted this sitting in the window, perched on top of a filing cabinet. I can only imagine what my bank is doing with vinyl exam gloves. Perhaps another way of combating fraud? Instead of giving your mother's maiden name, a more thorough examination of your person is now the order of the day.

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Things you find on the street

You never know what someone will decide they don't want anymore and leave on the side of the street. Oddly, this day someone decided that the 50 or so very large, different letters which made up a huge sign was something they didn't want to have around anymore. For those of you puzzling over the photo, they're the sort of signs you find around Brighton Pier, filled with light bulbs to make up each letter. So, as a result of this rejection, they were piled up on top of each other in a London back alley. What the sign once said, I've no idea. If only Richard Whiteley was still alive. He'd solve this conundrum.