Sunday, 27 July 2008

Thames Bank Bonanza

I'd no idea people took the building of sand castles so seriously these days. It's hard to spot, but in between the cones is also one of those Caution: Wet Floor signs. Fantastic.

Grease III

I accidentally auditioned for the role of extra in an Islington version of this film classic. On the sports ground in front of me, some T-Birds were tearing up the tarmac on a super cool scooter. And this Pink Lady, well, she thought they were pretty cool. She coyly watched from a distance for a while, then once they'd spotted her, she turned her back and wiggled her behind at them. Classy. After that, she flounced off in true Pink Lady style.
Did I get the part? I guess they'll let me know...

Stannah Stairlifts Go Alfresco

Borders Recommends...


Caught these two characters red-handed out the back of Pentonville Prison.

Street Art


Otherwise known as Granchester, I was fortunate enough to pay it visit it one morning. And thank god I did. Didn't see a soul. I was lucky enough to see so much more than that. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.