Tuesday, 31 March 2009

One bench just wasn't enough

Stumbled across this star-shaped seat at the weekend, comfortably plumped on a hillside.

Look left, look right...

Saw this beautiful piece of workmanship in a school playground in Richmond. There's even a greengrocers. Fantastic.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


And why do we need to know this?
Printed on the back of a Marks and Sparks packet of crisps

Games to play by a canal

This kept me entertained for about an hour. The kids hanging out by this wall had invented an ingenious game: they were deliberately dropping their football down onto the canal path, then very convincingly, pleading with whoever was walking past to chuck it back up to them. Each person who did, was clearly delighted to have helped out. But, as soon as the kind soul who'd lent a hand was out of sight, they 'accidentally' dropped it again. I think it was the acting, and the taking advantage of other people's generosity that appealed. It sadly backfired later on, because one member of a group they dropped the ball on, hoofed it into the canal. Guess they'd fallen for it before...

Canal side security measure

Perhaps they're worried about piracy?